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Become a Kargomind Express partner for Haj & Umrah

Kargomind Express is an innovative product under Cargomind Sdn Bhd. We are looking for enterprising partners to be part of our Courier network across Malaysia.

How does the Courier’s Partner work?

Courier Partner is a party that provides courier services to customers. The courier partner owns a Courier Centre in a designated area with active economic activities. The customers can walk in to the Courier Centre to perform their business transaction. The Courier Centre is well equipped to cater to all customers’ needs for any size and weight of a parcel. Cargomind Sdn Bhd is actively looking for entrepreneurs to be our partner in owning and operating a Courier Centre in their preferred location in any towns and cities in Malaysia. If you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs, please click the interested button below.

How Does Courier’s Partner make Money?

In return for opening up and managing the Courier Centre, the partner is rewarded with both outbound and inbound commission based on the amount parcels managed by the Courier Centre. Details will be shared exclusively with all Cargomind’s approved business partners. The preferred location of a Courier Centre has to be in an active economic location where the expected sales are to be generated. The premise should be easily accessible by customers such as having ample parking space.

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